Steven Spielberg

Jurassic world movie Steven Spielberg review in GIF

Poor Tyrannosaurus Rex, you find yourself thinking, when the creature finally makes her appearance in Jurassic World. The old girl never had to deal with this nonsense 22 years ago. A crowd of brightly dressed holidaymakers is standing inside a viewing gallery that’s been decorated to look like a fallen tree trunk, and they’re staring down expectantly at a goat that’s been tethered to a feeding platform.


From the depths of the surrounding jungle comes the thoom-thoom-thoom of giant claws on mud – and then, with a sinew-tightening shriek, the creature bursts into shot in all her prehistoric glory. Or at least, a leg does, and a bit of flank, and possibly a flash of teeth. Because for us T-Rex remains somewhere behind the clamour of cameraphones and flailing arms; an ageing tourist attraction, just agonisingly out of sight.

Teenager Zach (Nick Robinson), one of the film’s small herd of main characters, isn’t even looking: he’s engrossed in his mobile, and doesn’t so much as deign to turn his head. The first Jurassic Park film, directed by Steven Spielberg and adapted from the best-selling Michael Crichton novel, was released in the summer of 1993 – which in blockbuster terms might as well be the late Cretaceous.