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In today’s world nothing is unique. And yet, everyone strives to make your business visible and not similar to competitors. Why is it important not only to Excel, but also to sell? How to create an effective unique selling proposition? We have selected 5 exceptional examples of unusual content and market suggestions which deserve attention.


1. Man Crates

Rely on humor and courage. This is an online store that delivers to customers the goods in the boxes. The point is that these are wooden boxes that can be opened only with a crowbar. While the things themselves are created for larger gifts (e.g., individual mugs of beer, grill equipment and beef jerky) is a unique brand positioning sells.

Man Crates are turning to personality, and it is felt at every step. As their client, you can have a good laugh over the page, help page, where it boldly shows the following:
Few companies can get by using the “help” section, which is open, you stumble upon the recommendations of the company to “try harder”. But when these guys buy gifts for other guys, not following the instructions (and not asking for help!) that’s becoming a rite of passage.

The bravado here is appreciated and does not go into the area where it should not be. If you will contact customer service about the wrong Man Crate shipping, the representative of fast, helpful and friendly, shows that they clearly adhere to the policy, which, in fact, demonstrates the brand.


2. Everlane Apparel

As mentioned earlier, the path that goes to your product and the value you give it, can be an important part of your unique selling proposition. In this respect, the company producing apparel Everlane stands out from the crowd.


Corporate culture genuinely promotes what the company calls radical transparency. They are proud of the diligence, behind the production process of their goods, and Express it with the slogan “Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask me why So Everlane sell what they call “luxury basics,” product differentiation is achieved not through the taste but through a sincere interest in how the company creates their products, conducts business and pays special attention to their craft down to the last V-neckline.


3. Ellusionist

Can the company do to create an interesting deck of cards? Ellusionist can. Their entire business is built on selling things that are different be sure to consider the fact that they sell a deck of 52 cards. As they make it interesting and attractive? Appealing to a highly specific customer: magicians.


One of the worst sins of the sale of physical products online is to offer something that consumers can find in any store. In contrast, Ellusionist offers a luxurious, unique decks of cards that you really will not find anywhere else.

And since they are focused on an audience of magicians (and sometimes lovers of extravagant poker game), it turns out that they occupied a niche in the market and not just become another manufacturer of cheap playing cards.


4. Saddleback Leather

Their slogan: “They’ll fight over it when you die.” Pair it with the page “Our Story” (Our story) which depicts a machine gun. No one can accuse Saddleback Leather in the absence of a unique character. One of my favorite pages of the website “Our Rivals” (Our opponents), where the owner invites customers to compare its products with major competitors:

“I’m so sure that you will not resist our classic looks and technical strength that I want you to go over other stores. Go… the more you look, the better you get.”


These are not empty words. The company sells expensive leather goods. Calling their competitors, they justify high prices. The owner wants you to see the difference in quality and shows why this coveted bag is worth 500. Finally, Saddleback has not only demonstrated its aggressiveness in the market. The owner also shows a very personal side on the page dedicated to his dog named Blue. This is a perfect example of how you give your identity to rent and it works.


5. ThinkGeek

Hobby shops for geeks (geek is extremely passionate about something) are another example of the industry where easily generate a unique selling proposition. Like the guy who still owns the legendary Super Nintendo console, their retro-gaming section is appreciated. Learn from ThinkGeek carefully study the needs and desires of their ideal customers. Ask yourself: “What stops people? Why they decide not to buy the product?” If you have your answer, you will find your unique selling proposition.


Remember that the main thing to sell
In relationship marketing (relationship marketing) focuses on the dialogue with the most valuable buyer. The same applies to the creation of a unique selling proposition. It has to sell. Don’t confuse uniqueness with creating a quirky brand that stands out, but not sell.
In the book Rosser Reeves “Reality in advertising”, based on uniqueness are the three rules that are useful to consider if you want from advertising is not only creative branding:

1.A personal benefit. The user got to the landing page need to immediately understand its benefits from the proposed product or service. Your product should benefit the user.

2.Uniqueness. Offer the client something that does not have competitors.

3.Credibility. Your offer must be strong to attract new customers.

Make sure you follow these rules, and that, positioning your brand you sell, not just stand out in the market.

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